White Label

Professional tailor-made solution. Fully customizable and adaptable to your company branding. There is no redirection to the BitcoinPay payment gateway. Customer stays on merchant's website throughout the whole process. Using the standard REST API functions, it's the latest Bitcoin technology for your website. Implementation difficulty 3-4 MD.

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White Label

Create bitcoin invoices without redirecting user to third party site

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API Integration

API for integration in web pages, e-shops and mobile applications. We have prepared for you sample code in PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, Go, C #, Groovy with mock server testing. Implementation should therefore be simple and straightforward. Difficulty 2MD.

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eCommerce Plugins

Accept Bitcoin payments in minutes using our ready-made plugins for popular online stores. Setup is easy with no programming stills, and we have detailed step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial. Difficulty 30min.

Point of Sale application LILKA

BitcoinPay is integrated into professional Point of Sale App LILKA. It supports tablets and smart phones. LILKA registers sales and provides complete sales overview needed for accounting. LILKA allows to accept payments in cash, Bitcoins and can be connected to credit card reader.
You can try DEMO versions for Android and Windows Phone

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