Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Simply register with your email and you are ready to go. Your account will guide you through the setup. For compliance reason we require information about your business or website, and we may require certain documents for verification purposes.

What fees do you charge?

We charge 0.8% transaction processing. We also charge certain bank fees that are incurred when sending funds to your bank. These fees are displayed when you create your settlement.

How can I start accepting Bitcoin on my website?

There are several methods. The simplest way is by placing an HTML code into your website, which will display the „Pay with Bitcoin“ button. A more advanced option is to integrate your site’s payment method through our custom API. We also provide shopping cart plugins and email invoices. For in-person sales, you can use our Point of Sale payment terminal (see demo). Simply enter the type of currency and the amount, or use buttons with preset amounts.

Can I accept Bitcoin payments in my retail (brick and mortar) store or restaurant?

Yes! It’s simple too. We have a solution for every desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Simple web based Point of Sale for mobile devices and more advanced App. LILKA Point of Sale.

Do you provide shopping cart plugins?

Please reffer to our Github repository. We support most popular shopping carts:
Do you miss some shopping cart plugin? Do not hesitate and Contact us.

How do you get bitcoins?

You can get bitcoins by accepting them as a payment for goods and services or you can buy them directly from an exchange with your bank account.

How do I receive my settlements?

You can either keep Bitcoins and get paid into your Bitcoin wallet, or if you choose to settle in one of the supported currencies, we will send money to your bank account or e-wallet. We are also working on Bitcoin to Cash payments that will be available in 156 countries around the world

How fast do I get paid?

We process settlements every business day. Once your account balance reaches the minimum amount you set, we will send funds to your bitcoin address, bank account, e-wallet or in cash.

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